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Antique Malls

Antique malls have long housed individual dealers who bring classic treasures to vintage enthusiasts. From art to unique antiquities, booth vendors offer consumers an eclectic blend of collectibles to add to their collections.

Learn how antique malls stay in business and follow the steps of booth owners who keep vintage treasures in storage and transport them to the mall booth for eager consumers. It’s a symbiotic relationship between the mall, vendor, and consumer. The three work together to maintain the long history of antiquing throughout the country.


Sought after antique art pieces were not always appreciated in the period of creation. Some acclaimed artists were known for producing “bad art,” which now represents some of the most sought-after pieces on the market. Review our blogs to find out more about a few pieces, which are paying homage to the history of casino gambling.


Offering an ode to classic designs, watch makers are producing new takes on vintage pieces. From post-WWII to modern vintage, collectors are eager to get their hands on both. Even the new vintage is inspired by the older models with similar construction and design.