Antique dealers make money collecting and selling vintage items and hard-to-find collectibles to a booming consumer market. By opening a booth at a local antique mall, a vendor attracts shoppers for quality items while spending a minimal amount in overhead.

Mall owners house the booths, providing mall staffing, utilities, and promotion. As consumer needs change frequently, booth owners must stay abreast of the market fluctuations and offer items, which meet growing demand. Here are the steps for launching a booth in an antique mall.


Do your research on collectibles and antiques. Building inventory is a part of the process and a booth owner must know which high-quality items to add to his collection. Yard sales and auctions offer vintage items at reasonable prices. Maintain accurate records of all purchases, amount paid, and the condition of each item, which helps with pricing.

Check out antique malls in your area and request copies of vendor contracts. Malls usually charge a monthly flat rate for the booth space, which is generally covered by a portion of booth sales. Carefully monitor the mall before signing an agreement to ensure that it has significant traffic.


A storage unit may serve as a place to hold inventory for the mall booth, as booths are generally small in size. Store items in lidded bins and transport to the mall booth, as needed. Remember to use foam or bubble wrap to protect the vintage items during transport from the storage facility to the antique mall.

Order shelving to display antiques, art, and collectibles. Consumers frequently handle items, picking them up to curiously investigate. Locking cabinets will protect valuable items from theft or damage.

Make the display interesting and inviting. Bold colors and unique display designs generate interest. By coordinating items or adding lighting, the seller provides eye candy, which draws consumers to the booth. Neat and pressed tablecloths are more enticing than wrinkled and dirty display items.

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