Reading about art on the internet is a cross between a spy novel and a mystery. From hidden messages in early 19th century embroidery to behind the scenes of art heist investigations, the art world is fascinating readers across the globe. Here are a few interesting tidbits found online about arts and antiquities.

Egyptian Treasures

It only takes a search engine query to find information about bits of Egyptian artifacts, which are showcased in museums across the world. Looted by grave robbers, archaeologists. and collectors, the magnificent art and artifacts hold the keys to understanding the ancient Egyptian culture and language.

From the Rosetta Stone, one of the British Museum’s most popular pieces to Dendera Zodiac, currently in France’s possession these invaluable pieces tell the story of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Captured by Napoleon, as he ransacked Middle Eastern regions, the Rosetta Stone dates to 196 BCE.

Its inscriptions helped scholars to learn hieroglyphs while deciphering the tablet’s markings. Dendera Zodiac represents the only map known to be in existence, which represents the entire ancient sky.

Egyptian treasures are one topic of many represented in the interesting and informative art world online. From government disputes about art ownership to private collections, which are unique and valuable, online art research brings enthusiasts face to face with a wealth of information about arts and antiquities.