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Vintage watches are all the rage. From the new vintage pieces, such as Apple’s original watch to mid-century mechanical movement watches, collectors are finding value in time pieces. By 1970, Zenith Radio Corporation almost permanently erased the popular El Primero calibre by ordering its subsidiary to destroy the tools and presses associated with it.

Read about how a rebellious employee defied company orders and secretly hid the blueprints in the manufacturing plant’s attic to preserve it for the future. Later, new owners of the watch company relaunched the vintage line with an ode to the auto chronograph movement.

By combining vintage modeling with contemporary watchmaking, the new versions include a limited series made with precious metals.


Find out about antique malls, a trend that is sweeping the country. Mall owners provide inexpensive booths for dealers who attract antique enthusiasts. Charging by the month for small areas, malls provide staffing, advertising, and booth space.

Learn the steps to lease a booth space and go behind the scenes to learn how one antique dealer saved one of the oldest antique malls in America. For buyers and sellers of antique goods, our website offers a wealth of information.


Antique artworks bring likable characters, movement, and emotion to the masses with vibrant displays of color and contrast. From Edvard Munch’s roulette table painting to Cassius Coolidges, Dogs Player Poker, explore how these artists focus on the casino industry in these well-known pieces.

Follow the journey of how the artwork depicts the actual gaming experience. Munch’s work was created in the 1860s when the German’s abolished gambling and gives historical framework for the depiction of the men and women in the piece. Like most vintage art, the work is an ode to the time period and a window into the time period.

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