Vintages watches are as valuable as arts and antiques to discerning collectors. Watch aficionados recognize the iconic El Primero caliber by Zenith is vintage perfection.

For more than 50 years, the movement integrates automatic chronograph fully, measuring time to the 10th of a second. The watch launched by 1969, after Zenith watchmakers spent seven years to develop the high-caliber design.


By 1970, the watch almost disappeared because Zenith Radio Corporation, parent of the watch brand limited its production to only quartz watches and ordered the destruction of the tools and presses associated with mechanical movement.

However, one worker rebelled, defied orders, and secretly hid the machinery, tools, and blueprints in the manufacturing facility’s attic. The precious items stayed there, until another owner took over Zenith watch company and chose to relaunch the popular El Primero movement.

The watch’s savior was Charles Vermont, who specialized in chronograph construction and had watched El Primero’s construction from the initial concept to completion.

As a result of Vermont’s decision, the new Zenith began a journey to relaunch the El Primero movement, as an ode to the vintage model with automatic chronograph movement. Combined with contemporary watchmaking skill from high-caliber watchmakers, the limited series is made with precious metals.

In an ode to the vintage watches, Zenith also celebrates the launch of a collection, called New Vintage from 1969 originals, mimicking the design of the period 40 years ago. The watch features overlapping, tri-color sub dials in a stainless-steel case.

These contemporary re-imagining of vintage collectible designs, showcase the skill and artistry of the watchmakers and an ode to Zenith’s bold foray into what was revolutionary watch construction at the time.


The original apple watch is now on Apple’s list of vintage products and considered obsolete. Since 2016, the manufacturer released iterations of the original watch, which eventually evolved into an Apple watch series, including Apple watch 1, 2, and 3. The third iteration still sells.

However, devices that haven’t been sold for five years or more are defined as vintage by the company. The product becomes obsolete after seven years. Apple offers limited repair options and support for vintage products and obsolete products receive no service from Apple service providers or technicians.

Of course, consumers are interested in Apple’s newly unveiled Series 7 watch, which is expected for release in the fall. It has increased durability, greater brightness, and a larger display face.

Vintage or vintage-inspired watches are made well and stay intact over time. Often in great demand, these timepieces are also expensive. Post WWII pieces come with district styles, mechanical movement, and sport attractive leather bands.

The designs come in varying colors and from well-respected brands, offering interesting text and numerals. More contemporary designs are placed in the vintage category, according to modern electronics standards.

However, vintage watch enthusiasts enhance collections from early and modern designs, sure to increase in value. Subscribe to learn more!